Democrats Want to Destroy Democracy to Save It

Our democracy is in peril, according to unbiased experts of expertise who really want Joe Manchin to roll-over on the filibuster. We have to pass the Perpetual Democrat Control Act now, or it’s curtains for our democracy, exclaim said experts passionately, with tears and teeth gnashing. Experts, of course, are never wrong, except when they are, which is pretty much all the time. Greg Sargent of the WaPo opined about the terrible terrors these experts fear in a column titled, “A frantic warning from 100 leading experts: Our democracy is in grave danger.” Whoa, a whole 100! And you know it’s getting real because they are “frantic.” After all, “[o]n the line is nothing less than the future of our democracy itself.” Oh no, not our democracy! Of course, we’re not a democracy, but whatever – hack clichés are gonna hack.

This all sounds pretty serious. Look at the looming threat posed by voter ID. Making people show an ID to vote is pretty awful for reasons and because and shut up, racist. But no one tell the Mexicans that – they require ID. So does most of the free world. They will be totally bummed to hear they

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