Democrats Show Their Bias Against Stay-at-Home Parents


Posted: Oct 14, 2021 12:01 AM

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The relentless pursuit of the American Left to occupy more and more territory in American culture continues. 

Tucked away in the Democrat’s massive $3.5 trillion spending nightmare is a $450 billion provision to subsidize child care while also providing free pre-K for every American family. This measure may seem politically popular on its face. But it reveals a bias that, if enacted, will further marginalize families that opt to keep a parent at home rather than enroll in daycare.

To get to the root of it, hear this statement Democrat Representative Bobby Scott (D-VA) made in defense of his party’s plan: “The average family cannot afford child care, and without child care, you cannot go to work.” 

He’s completely missing the point. When given the choice, a large portion of American families don’t want both parents to go to work. More than half of married mothers would rather stay home (or have a husband stay home) to care for kids under five years old. When

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