Democrats’ new boogeyman is a different kind of Donald Trump

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Democrats have nothing to run on. Their solution? Scare voters by claiming that Donald Trump is a “threat to our democracy,” and, if elected, will be hell-bent on seeking retribution against his political enemies. 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes told Kara Swisher in a recent podcast interview that she “wouldn’t be surprised if this guy [Trump] threw me in jail,” though she neglected to say why the former president might target her. Former deputy director of the FBI Andrew McCabe told CNN’s Kaitlin Collins recently that friends in the intelligence community are considering fleeing the country to avoid being “unconstitutionally and illegally detained.”

Makes you wonder what they’re really afraid of. Do they fear that — finally – someone, somewhere, will be held accountable for all the injustices, lies and illegal acts that have been perpetrated by Democrats against the country and against Trump? Like creating and perpetuating the “Russiagate” hoax, which undermined Trump’s presidency, spying on his 2016 campaign, conspiring to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop, delaying announcement of the break-through COVID vaccine until after the 2020 election, impeaching Trump on dubious grounds, and trying to lock him up even as he’s leading in the polls? That’s just

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