Democrats must abandon endless assault on police

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Today, on National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, we honor the courageous men and women who proudly serve our communities and keep our families safe. Every day, they put their lives on the line to protect us, despite the rhetoric and policies of anti-police Democrats. 

We must stand up against the radical “defund police” movement and show our law enforcement heroes that we have their backs. We must reject the efforts of the Democrat politicians and liberal city councils who are defunding their police departments and refusing to prosecute violent criminals.  

As violent crime surges across the country, most notably in Democrat-run cities, it is disturbing that liberal and progressive lawmakers do not take responsibility for how their extreme policies have crippled police departments and allowed violent criminals to run rampant throughout our streets.  


The city of Detroit serves as a counterexample and was able to lower its homicide rate while murders spiked in other big cities nationwide. In an interview with The Detroit News, Detroit Police Commissioner Ricardo Moore said, “When you make police more visible, you’re removing a lot of the opportunity for crime.”  

Anti-police Democrats are doing the exact opposite. By slashing police budgets, and undermining law enforcement officers, leftist Democrat officials are making

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