Democrats Kill Their Political Pawns

One of the most odious reactions from the political left over the Martha’s Vineyard “border crisis” last week was the outright indignant condemnation of Gov. Ron DeSantis for engaging in “a political stunt” to get attention and make a point about the nightmare on America’s southern border. 

“We have so-called leaders in this country who rather than focusing on what’s good for the public within their own states, they’re using people as pawns for a political stunt,” Doug Emhoff, husband of failed Border Czar Kamala Harris told reporters

I would take issue with the Second Husband’s contention that DeSantis was not “focusing on what’s good for the public within their own states” because there are now 50 fewer illegal immigrants in Florida than before the airlift to Martha’s Vineyard. 

But to the question of using people for a political stunt, a thoughtful answer is required. 

Let’s talk about “using people as pawns” for a moment, shall we?

Obviously, if flying illegal immigrants and/or “asylum seekers” to American cities far from the southern border is a “political stunt,” then Joe Biden and his hapless border czar have reached legendary stuntman status at this point. 

Criminal border crossers have been transported all over the nation on

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