Democrats Fail To Get People To Care


Posted: Jun 23, 2022 12:01 AM

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Be honest, did you watch any of that show trial hearing Democrats were attempting to force down the country’s throat? I doubt it, we all have better things to do. But if you did, I’d bet it was the first hearing – the one they tried to pretend was so “important” they held it in prime time – and if you watched any of that, it was likely not very much. The whole damn thing is a pathetic joke. And now the scheduled scam has reached its end. I don’t know how much it cost us, but whatever it is it was as wasted as Hunter Biden on prom night (not his prom night, the prom night for whatever 18-year-old he’s currently seeing). 

Do you remember one thing about it? I do. 

I remember that there was absolutely no one questioning the liberal narrative, zero pushback at all on anything. A row of bobbleheads nodding in agreement with whatever Nancy Pelosi determined would

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