Democrats Can’t Define a 'Woman,' But They’re Sure About 'Violent White Supremacist'

When it comes to defining a “woman,” Democrats begin navel gazing with such passion and expertise a Yogi experiencing Samadhi would be envious. What preschoolers take for granted, drives Democrats to apoplexy. Most of us figured out the difference between boy parts and girl parts prior to mastering tetherball. 

Apparently, the mystical state of “woman” is so complex it stumped an esteemed oracle of jurisprudence. Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson was asked by Senator Martha Blackburn to define the word “woman.” Jackson was stunned by Senator Blackburn’s Gordian Knot—if only Alexander the Great were still around to whisper the solution into Jackson’s ear. Instead, the subsequently confirmed justice sputtered that she was not a biologist and, therefore, was unqualified to answer that complex, philosophical question. We all know she knows the definition of “woman.” Her evasion was all political theatre—perception management—and that makes the lie and betrayal even more heinous. 

The evil of destroying language can hardly be understated. There can be no thought apart from meaning, but that’s the objective of democrats. A pliant, ignorant constituency is, and has been, the progressive objective for decades. That’s why our school children are indoctrinated instead of educated. You can’t run

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