Democrats Are on the Losing Side of Election Integrity Efforts

Determined to have their way no matter what the cost, and irrespective of popular opinion, Democrat lawmakers in Washington and in state capitals around the country are doing their best to change the nation’s election laws to build in permanent advantages for themselves. They have analyzed the sliding scale that pits election integrity on one side against open access on the other, and concluded that their partisan interest is best served not by giving the public what poll after poll shows it wants – election integrity, with confidence that our elections are free, and fair, and secure – but by imposing on the public election administration procedures that create and maintain partisan advantages for themselves by opening up access so much that election integrity cannot be secured.

The most recent example comes in Texas. Six weeks ago, Democrat state lawmakers there, in the minority because their party’s positions only command minority support, and desperate to block passage of an election reform bill they strongly opposed because it would enhance election integrity, thought they had outfoxed their GOP counterparts in the legislature when, on the final night of the regular legislative session, they staged a walkout to “break quorum” and

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