Democrats and Abortion: Bring It on

With the economy, the border and foreign policy not working for them in this election cycle, Democrats are counting on the abortion issue to save their hides in November.


Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) has announced a “Winning Pro-Life Strategy” to counter their game plan. In a memo reported by The Washington Times, Rubio says Republicans “need to develop and fight for a compassionate, pro-family agenda that counters caricatures of our beliefs and makes life easier for mothers and their children. Second, we need to put Democrats on the defensive about their extreme support for abortion. Third, we need to tell the truth about what abortion is – the taking of innocent life – and advocate for limits to the practice.”

A fourth way could be approaching the issue from an angle rarely heard in the ongoing abortion debate. Melissa Ohden is doing that. Her new book, “Abortion Survivors Break Their Silence,” tells the stories of several women and men who survived abortions, along with the backstories of who and what persuaded their mothers to terminate their pregnancies.

Ohden says she survived a saline abortion and was put aside to die but was saved by a nurse who took her

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