Democrat Racism and the Border

The racism of the left is not always bubbling just below the surface, it is the surface. It’s weird for people who claim the hearing of a dog to hear secret whistles of racism to be completely deaf when it comes to the words that exit their own teeth caves, but the reality is it’s not really racism it is indifference. Progressive Democrats are the first to tell anyone with a microphone that they care deeply about various people or issues, but once the red light goes off it is straight back to not giving a damn. Do the “royal” pieces on a chess board care when a pawn is lost? Of course not. That’s how Democrats view these illegal aliens, and Americans impacted by them too, for that matter.

If you talk about welfare reform, some member of the Morning Joe crew will call you a secret Klansman (which is weird since the Venn Diagram of the KKK and the Democrat Party was a circle). That being said, what you won’t hear is anything remotely close to proof. Proof is for suckers.

But if you actually listen to these leftists talk, you will hear literal racism and bigotry straight

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