Delays, changes frustrate homebuyers waiting to move into Turah neighborhood

Bret Anne Serbin

John and Janet Duncan signed an agreement to move into a house in Turah on Sept. 30, 2021. Nearly a year later,  the couple is still waiting to move into their completed home.

The Duncans are just a few of the homeowners plagued by delays and other hang-ups in the Turah Meadows neighborhood east of Missoula and south of I-90. Levi Miller, a developer registered in Washington who is also in hot water after methane gas was discovered in his Oregon housing development, has failed to finish numerous residences there, forcing families to wait, find other housing and, in some cases, withdraw completely from the development.

“I think the key thing here is the delays go way beyond the issues that all contractors have faced this year, which are a shortage of materials and labor,” John Duncan said. “This is just not in the same realm.”

The developer’s failure to fulfill his obligations to homebuyers has escalated to the point that the Turah Meadows Homeowner Association has turned off water to four unfinished houses in an attempt to influence Miller to complete the unfinished projects.

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