DEL VILLAR: America Needs To Unplug From The Biden Admin’s Climate Fantasy

You know we’ve reached a tipping point when both Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell finally stop emphasizing climate change and zero in on their primary job description — promoting economic growth and fighting inflation.

But the Biden administration continues to demonstrate little appetite for the realistic policy choices necessary to clamp down on rising prices beyond phony platitudes, new spending schemes and now ramped up climate change hysteria. Of course, we are in a summer heat wave so Democrats may see this as a perfect time to elevate climate emergency rhetoric. Never mind the cost to consumers. (COHEN: It’s Time To Turn The Tables On Our Would-Be Climate Overlords)

Brian Deese, National Economic Council director, last week promoted yet more spending proposals to address inflation challenges. He highlighted semiconductor plant legislation to “ease supply chain disruptions.” But the details remain murky and history has shown many of these Federal funds find their way into state, local patronage machines or worse. Another example of an inflation fueled mechanism.

Inflation will only be tackled by substantive, meaningful fiscal and monetary policy changes.

A multi-trillion-dollar gusher of federal funding during COVID plus years of easy monetary policy combined with supply

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