Defending marriage: Will Senate Republicans display courage and uphold truth?

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In late July, the House of Representatives gaveled in and, within hours, rushed through legislation that purported to “codify the findings of Obergefell v. Hodges and its 2015 redefinition of marriage. 

Rather than defend the institution of marriage, many Republicans chose to run for the hills – calling the move a political stunt, opting to criticize only the absence of regular order or a semblance of the legislative process in lieu of defending a basic natural truth. 

Worse yet, Senate Republicans seem even more bent on surrendering than before the election, when a handful of Republican senators announced their support for redefining marriage. Now a window-dressing compromise amendment that simply restates that people of faith have existing religious liberty and conscience protections in the Constitution and federal law threatens to provide the 60 votes necessary for passage. 

Rep. Chip Roy (Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc)

Simply regurgitating that which already exists does not and will not stop the radical left from dragging good people through the court system and a public tarring and feathering in the media for those simply living their lives in fidelity to God.


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