'Deeply good man from Searchlight': Democratic leaders pay tribute to Harry Reid in Nevada


Presidents, prominent politicians, family and friends gathered in Harry Reid’s home state of Nevada on Saturday to pay their tributes and remembrances to the former Senate majority leader and Democratic Party luminary.

Former president Barack Obama gave the eulogy at the Smith Center in Las Vegas to honor Reid for his decades of public service. President Joe Biden spoke of Reid’s “unmistakably American” ascent from the hardscrabble town of Searchlight to assuming leadership of the U.S. Senate. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer spoke of Reid’s dedication to his country and service to Congress.

“Few people have done more for this state, this country, as this driven, brilliant, sometimes irascible, deeply good man from Searchlight, Nevada,” Obama said.

Reid is widely regarded as the most powerful and influential politician from Nevada, transforming the Republican state into a Democratic stronghold that has been blue in every presidential election since 2004.

“Without Harry, there would be no Affordable

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