Decline in G-rated movies reveal Hollywood’s disdain for children

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Reports indicate we’re likely to reach year’s end without the release of a full-feature G-rated movie, a growing industry trend attributed by Hollywood insiders and watchers to a wide range of reasons attached to an ever-evolving entertainment market.

But none more than one: an increasing disregard and disinterest in nurturing the hearts and minds of children.

The current Motion Picture Association film rating system (MPA), inclusive of the “G” rating, dates to 1968. To qualify for that designation, movies can’t include anything “that would offend parents for viewing by children.”

To be fair, such a designation is subjective, but like the Supreme Court once said of pornography, it might be difficult to define, but most people know what’s offensive for little eyes when they see it with their own.

Maybe not surprisingly, the top ten highest-grossing G-rated movies off all-time, not adjusted for inflation, come from Disney. “The Lion King” holds the top spot, followed closely behind by “Toy Story 3” and “Finding Nemo.” Once upon a time, The Walt Disney Company had its finger on the pulse of America’s parents and kids. No more. In recent years, they’ve been more concerned with appeasing the woke

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