Declaring Unconditional Support for Israel

Recently, Israel has been under attack in unprecedented ways.  For the moment, there’s a shaky cease-fire. While the rockets have stopped, the terrorists fired over 4300 rockets at Israeli communities from Gaza, the largest number in any conflict with terrorists there. Yet, they have not stopped their threats to unleash more violence.   As quickly as it stopped, it could start again.  With the anticipated installation of a new government in Israel, it’s also anticipated that Israel’s enemies will use this as an opportunity to try to test the resolve of Israel’s new coalition. 

The repercussions are still being felt. Throughout Israel, people are emerging from the trauma, death, destruction, and injury that was inflicted. But thousands of miles away, anti-Israel demonstrators blame Israel for a variety of “crimes” that it did not commit. They are engaged in economic and diplomatic warfare. In some countries, they are led by elected officials who don’t just reflect their hatred and lies but go out of the way to see who can be most obscene.   It’s especially easy to do this when they not bound by facts.  

Sadly, the media reflexively plays into this narrative of Israel wantonly attacking a defenseless

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