‘Decades Of Decadence’ Review: Marco Rubio Knows What Time It Is

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s new book “Decades of Decadence” is about the “failings” of liberalism, but it is not a book on why liberalism failed.

Rubio sets out to chart what he views as the “three core failings” of the post-Cold War order: its ruthless pursuit of economic efficiency; its imperialistic tendencies abroad; and how those tendencies come home to roost. He consistently weaves the economic and cultural symptoms of American decline into a coherent whole, correctly pointing out that it is impossible to diagnose one without looking at the other.

However, while he appears largely ready to walk away from economic liberalism as currently practiced, he still has hope that the fundamentally liberal principles of the American founding will continue to define our civic culture. What this boils down to is an embrace of common sense traditionalism — the type that virtually all Americans (outside the fringes of academia, at least) could agree on until roughly 10 years ago.

The economic order that the U.S. embraced after the end of the Cold War was indeed a departure from tradition.

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