Debunking The 1619 Project: Real History as Antidote to Critical Race Theory

In the 1990s, when I was in graduate school and reading required postmodern/Marxist theory, including Critical Race Theory, I little imagined that twenty-some years later, irate parents at school board meetings would be denouncing its use in elementary school classrooms and organizing recall elections.

This is for the good. CRT is dividing Americans and actually harming blacks—and whites. 

What I as an adult graduate student found tedious and abstractly wrong-headed is now boiled down for K-12. 

It tells students that what their eyes and ears tell them is wrong: all white people are privileged oppressors. To accomplish this, it reaches into a chimerical past. It teaches children that one race carries the taint of a secularized “Original Sin” that continues to keep the other race in a form of bondage.

The fabricated history pushing CRT, The 1619 Project, replaces 1776 as the American founding year with 1619, when, with the arrival of about twenty Africans at Jamestown our entire sordid history of building a country on the backs of slaves and their descendants began.  

In this simplistic history being used in most of our schools, individuals act in accord with their

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