DCNF Reporter Reveals Upcoming Policy Changes To Schools Across America

A Daily Caller News Foundation reporter discussed potential policy changes in school districts across the country during a Monday appearance on Newsmax.

“There was like a personal responsibility put on the community, the educators, the teachers, the students to report each other if they see any sort of racist behavior, and so they want people to hold each other responsible and kind of be on the lookout kind of putting everybody on edge to report each other and into hold each other accountable,” DCNF reporter Reagan Reese said, while discussing a report about policies in the South Kingston School District in Rhode Island. (RELATED: ‘Metastasizing Like A Cancer’ — Parents Across The Country Sue Schools Over Clandestine Transitions)

“There’s also an aspect of this policy where, if there is just an instance of racism that is, I reported, there’s a no contact order that is administered, so then instantly without going into any detail about what has happened or doing an investigation, those two parties and involved are not to communicate not to be anywhere near each other,” Reese continued.


Reese also discussed teacher training reportedly provided by the Michigan Department of Education that allegedly instructed educators to conceal information

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