Dawes recorded their livest-sounding album during pandemic

By Alan Sculley Last Word Features

If you want to know how the new Dawes album, “Misadventures of Doomscroller,” is different from the band’s previous seven albums, think about comparing Frank Zappa to the Rolling Stones or R.E.M.


Dawes are playing with the Head and the Heart at KettleHouse Amphitheater on Thursday, Aug. 11. The show is sold out.

“I think so much, especially with our kind of music, our scene, there’s all this talk of restraint and there’s all this talk of economy,” Dawes singer/guitarist and main songwriter Taylor Goldsmith observed in a mid-July phone interview. “Sometimes you’ll hear these records by these monster guitar players or monster musicians and there’s no evidence of that. While I really applaud that when the song calls for that because I think that’s the height of taste, I also think when you can, cut loose, I want to hear it.”

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Dawes doesn’t sound like the Rolling Stones or R.E.M. — and no one has ever sounded quite like Zappa. While sharing some of the melodic alt-rock feel of R.E.M., Dawes’ music is more straight-forward and weaves in a

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