DAVIS: Blue City Residents Are Finding Out Immigration Virtue Signaling Has Real-Life Consequences

There is something happening in Chicago, as residents of the Windy City appear to be waking up to the costs of illegal immigration.

The Chicago City Council voted overwhelmingly to allocate $51 million in funding to house illegal aliens earlier this month, but not before getting a tongue lashing from many of their constituents. The City Council meeting was swarmed by Chicagoans angry that the city is dedicating so many of its resources towards illegal aliens while many residents go without quality food or housing. The residents, many of whom are African American, felt betrayed that the council and recently-elected Mayor Brandon Johnson are prioritizing illegal aliens over the city’s black community.

“We need to allocate some of this money for our black children, for the black community, we have not gotten anything for our community, and we are sick and tired of being sick and tired, enough is enough,” one resident said.

Many of these people likely voted and campaigned for Johnson, who won the mayoral race earlier this year running on a platform that included promises of more welfare for illegal aliens, while also giving them access to the voting franchise. 

Chicago’s voting base is starting to realize that their

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