David McIntosh: Parents sick of critical race theory and more need alternatives – here's an easy solution

Many parents are sick of the indoctrination occurring in our public schools but don’t have the resources to send their children elsewhere. There is an easy solution to this problem: redirect taxpayer dollars to enable parents to seek educational alternatives when schools become ideological boot camps. Families should be able to direct education funding toward public schools, private schools, homeschool, or for tutors or technology. 

The ideological capture of public school districts nationwide is only possible because there is a public monopoly on education that doesn’t allow for robust parental choice. Economic research shows that providing private education costs less and produces better results than public education. The problem is that parents have to pay twice for private education because their tax dollars already fund public schools. Parental choice gives parents flexibility while forcing public schools to listen to families.

In a disturbing example of political correctness run amok, Oregon math teachers were recently urged to sign up for the “Pathway to Math Equity Micro-Course,” by the Oregon Department of Education. The creators of the course argue that “White supremacy culture infiltrates math classrooms” because students are “required to ‘show their work’ in standardized, prescribed ways,” and the “focus is only on getting the right answer.” 

The absurdity of this

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