David Marcus: Newsom wants to pretend that the gap between California's rich and poor has shrunk

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Here’s one for you. There are few issues that progressives say they care more about than reducing income inequality, and yet in San Francisco, which is so blue it might actually be Red, income inequality is pretty much all you see. There are the well-dressed wealthy — Jack Kerouac called them the “neat kneck tied producers” of Frisco back in the 1950s — and then mostly there’s a bedraggled everyone else. 

My hotel has a rooftop smoking area with commanding views of the city. It immediately looks down on Mint Plaza, which is more of a parking lot than plaza, but an interesting place. It is bordered by the lovely structure of the old mint built in 1874, the San Francisco Chronicle building, my hotel and a set of high end apartment buildings with first floor trendy eateries.

On Wednesday morning around 10 a.m. I spotted a woman from my rooftop in a bathing suit on her posh rooftop balcony of one of the luxo buildings. In the blocks that sprawled beneath her all kinds of horrible degradations were occurring, but there she was, the lazy sunbather literally above it all. It was like

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