David Marcus: California's recall is no longer just about Newsom

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Following intel about a good burger I found Louie’s amid the red brick of downtown San Francisco in drowsy early evening. This is the kind of place that simultaneously looks and feels like an old established haunt and someone’s recent vision of what that is. 

At the corner of the bar sat John and Dennis sharing a plate of fries. They were discussing the vaccine mandate for restaurants and bars, “I don’t really mind,” said the older of the two men, “but I’ve seen people get very upset.”

I invited myself into their conversation, introduced myself as a journalist and asked if they were up to discuss the recall. Dennis did most of the talking, he is 74. He’s a Democrat but someone who has also voted for Republicans. He told me almost everyone he knows hates Newsom, “Even my very progressive friends,” he added after sipping his red wine.

Here John, a man in his 50s in a San Francisco Giants graphic jersey drinking something red in a highball glass which I couldn’t make out, disagreed. “When you compare how he did on COVID to states like Florida and Texas, I think he looks

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