David Marcus: California recall result hinges on this key issue

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As the sun set over the great Pacific in Venice Beach on Monday, so too did it set on the California recall election. With only Election Day left to go most ballots have already been cast. Gavin Newsom’s future rests in votes that now mostly just have to be counted.

On the Venice boardwalk with its burger spots and mildly offensive T-shirts for sale, signs of the election were few and far between.

A small camera crew for a cable news network interviewed some passersby. One older gentleman doing a workout in his Make America Great Again hat exercised while listening to conservative radio. But mostly what was in the air was the wafting smell of weed, not excitement over Election Day.

“I want him to be recalled but it’s not going to happen,” J.J. told me. I heard that a lot. 


He is a retired Los Angeles cop who lives in Venice Beach. “I’m a conservative,” he told me, somewhat quietly, adding, “but have all the drugs and abortions you want.” 

We landed on the idea that maybe he is more of a libertarian. His pessimism regarding the recall

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