DAVID BLACKMON: This Might Be The Biden Admin’s Most Ludicrous Idea Yet

No aspect of the vaunted “energy transition” screams out the word “fantasy” quite so starkly as projections that the U.S. will have to install 47,000 miles of new high-capacity transmission lines by 2035.

That’s the assessment not by renewable energy skeptics, but by the enthusiastic promoters of renewables at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). (RELATED: DAVID BLACKMON: Another Silly Outburst From The ‘Green’ Globalists)

As part of an assessment published in early March, the DOE stated that much new transmission will be required, assuming moderate load and massive expansion of “green” energy “in line with the future power sector enabled by all currently enacted laws.”

In other words, this is the new capacity that will be required to account for demand growth caused by plans by the Biden administration and liberal state governments to electrify all new buildings, eliminate gas stoves and furnaces, convert coal and natural gas plants to wind and solar, and put millions of new electric vehicles on the road which must be charged regularly.

The challenges faced by developers of a single new transmission line designed to move electricity generated by Wyoming wind projects 732 miles west to demand markets in California help illustrate just how

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