Dark days of Princess Di: Imprisoned by pearls and duty

Brent Northup

The Myrna Loy

“Spencer” unapologetically leaves facts behind as it explores the interior life of Princess Diana in the years when her crown, which never fit snugly anyway, was slowly slipping from her head.

Kristen Stewart plays Princess Diana in “Spencer.”

Pablo Larrain/Neon via AP

Blessedly, Pablo Larrain’s “Spencer” does not try to imitate history, but to reimagine it instead.

We view the monarchy through Diana’s eyes and soul. It’s an unflattering portrait of royalty, but a sensitive one of the staff and servants who treat Diana with warmth – seeing her as more uncomfortable outsider, than royalty in waiting.

The story is set during Christmas of 1991, 10 years after her marriage to Prince Charles, five years before their divorce and six years before her death. It’s the era of sleeping alone.

Although the Princess Di haircut is familiar, the cast recreates their characters with their own brushstrokes.

I was captivated by a chance to slip inside royal life, for a surreal reinvention of the

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