DANIEL: Biden Knows That His Election Bills Won’t Pass, But That’s Part Of The Plan

Biden used his Tuesday speech in Georgia not only to tout his pair of “voting rights” bills, which would effectively nationalize elections, but also to call for the end of the filibuster and liken anyone who opposes such efforts to segregationists like George Wallace and Bull Connor.

Biden’s speech flew in the face of the promise he made on Inauguration Day to bring Americans together and look for bipartisan solutions to the nation’s problems, and it revealed that Democrats are still intent on playing a zero-sum game with Republicans wherein the fate of American democracy hangs in the balance during every election. It’s a state of play in contemporary politics that will exacerbate the partisan divide in the short-term and destroy America’s republican institutions in the long-run.

Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema have repeatedly voiced their opposition to any change in the filibuster rule, and some other moderates like Jon Tester of Montana and Mark Kelly of Arizona aren’t entirely on board with the proposal.

Yet Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has moved ahead with the bills regardless of division within his own party and Biden made no attempt to persuade those who have serious doubts about the ramifications of his

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