Dangerously cold weather could exceed Helena’s record lows

Jesse Chaney Nolan Lister

Dangerously frigid air has arrived in the Helena area, and it is expected to get much colder.

On Monday, the National Weather Service reported temperatures in Helena reached a high of around zero degrees and were expected to dip to an overnight low of -5 to -15 degrees Fahrenheit. This week’s local forecast calls for a high of zero to 10 and a low of -20 to -25 on Tuesday, a high of -10 to -20 and a low of -30 to -40 on Wednesday, and a high around -15 and a low of -20 to -30 on Thursday before temperatures come back into the positives on Friday with a high of 10 to 15 and a low of zero to 5 degrees, NWS reported. 

This week’s temperatures could meet or exceed Helena’s record lows of -25 for Dec. 20, -32 for Dec. 21 and -35 for Dec. 22. All three records were set in 1990.

With temperatures dipping below zero Monday afternoon, some people were still out and about on the Helena Walking Mall.


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