Dana Perino: We're all living with the consequences of Biden's policies

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Who knew that I could stay up later than most children in America? It’s true. I can. It’s fun to see exclamation points everywhere around this set. They’re on the posters, on the name and also on the “Please Laugh” signs. I didn’t know that he had those, but that actually probably helps the show a little bit. The set staff was pleased because Greg and I share the same size booster seat and the same size shoes. 

All right. Look, for anyone battling addictions or lots of big, thorny problems in their lives, the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. And that’s not easy to do. 

Then you have to accept that you have to get up off your duff and commit to making things better. That’s right, I said duff. And that’s the kind of salty language language you will get from Dana Perino after dark. 

So here’s what you do. You make a plan, you tackle the issue, you try to change your circumstances, you get better results and solve your problem. You can’t just sit back, blame others and expect everything to be okay. Or can you?

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