Daines Slams Reversal of Title 42 Increasing Illegal Immigration

Montana Senator Steve Daines appeared this week at a committee hearing in which he severely criticized the Biden Administration’s plan to reverse Title 42, thus opening the southern border to even more illegal immigration and more illegal drugs.

“I want to talk about Title 42 for a moment,” began Senator Daines. “In Montana, we’re a northern border state, and you’re probably wondering why is a northern border state raising the question about what’s going on the southern border? Well, it’s because we’re a northern border state with a southern border crisis. Our communities in Montana have been devastated by the inflow of drugs, particularly Mexican cartel meth, and now fentanyl as well as heroin.”

Daines emphasized the point that Montana law enforcement personnel are being overwhelmed by illegal drugs flooding across the southern border and making their way to Montana.

“What’s happening is that our border patrol agents are overwhelmed by the flood of illegals coming across our southern border,” he said. “It’s a zero sum game. It’s a zero sum battle because the resources are being used to apprehend the illegals coming across and they can’t spend the time they need to stop the drugs that are flooding across the southern border

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