Daines on Southern Border – a crisis that is just getting worse

The following is a direct transcription of Senator Steve Daines’ comments as he was preparing to board a plane departing from the Rio Grande security zone and headed to McAllen, Texas just after 3:00 p.m. on Friday.

‘We just finished up the border tour minutes ago and I’m waiting to get my flight out of the McAllen Texas, but it’s been a very informative 24 hours. We had the opportunity last night after we arrived and there were 18 Senators on this trip.

And after we arrived in McAllen, Texas, we were taken by Border Patrol about 10:30 pm last evening, and we went right down to the border with the COVID Rio Grande Valley sector along the Rio Grande River. We were there until about 12:30 am this morning.

And what we saw last night was very troubling.

Literally, as we walked down to some dirt trails, down to the edge of the river. We could hear Mexican cartel members with their flashlights with very powerful floodlights that were shining. And back at us from the Mexican side. They didn’t know that it was US Senators on the on the border, they assumed we were Border Patrol agents, but they were taunting us

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