Daines on Chinese spy balloon: ‘The effort to cover up this incident is unacceptable’


U.S. Sen. Steve Daines again called for a Congressional briefing on the Chinese spy balloon following a news report that confirmed the Biden administration intended to keep it a secret from Congress and the public.

Daines, a Montana Republican, said this weekend “the effort to cover up this incident is unacceptable,” citing an NBC News story.

“It is imperative that Congress get to the bottom of what happened, so it doesn’t happen again, and the administration needs to fulfill my request for a report on U.S. technology used aboard the spy balloon and present the findings to Congress and the American people,” Daines said.

In February 2023, Department of Defense officials confirmed a balloon from China was flying over the United States after a couple of photojournalists in Montana captured an image of a “suspicious” object in the sky over Billings.

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The NBC story last week said the U.S. Air Force general in charge of defending the country’s airspace from invasion warned that China’s balloon program remains active, and the U.S. has failed to develop systems to quickly detect the devices and share information about

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