Daines Goes After Child Traffickers Hidden Amongst “Refugees”

The big story we will be talking about Monday morning, of course, will be the latest news concerning the deadly Amtrak derailment on the Hi Line here in Montana over the weekend.

We’ll also talk about some of the other big stories that developed last week while I was out, including some of the big national stories featuring our Montana Congressional delegation that you may have missed.

First, “Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) is demanding answers about the Biden administration’s Afghan evacuation program over concerns it has been subverted by child traffickers,” as The Washington Times reports.

This news came out even before the reports from Fort McCoy, Wisconsin and Fort Bliss, Texas. In Wisconsin, an Afghan “refugee” is accused of sexually assaulting two underage boys. Meanwhile in Texas, the FBI is now investigating reports that a female soldier was assaulted by “a group of male Afghan evacuees,” according to CBS News.

All this comes as Democrats in Congress approved spending over $6 Billion (you read that right, $6 Billion) to help resettle nearly 100,000 Afghan evacuees in America. Breitbart News is quoting Montana Congressman Matt Rosendale (R-MT) who is calling for a halt to the program.

Rep. Rosendale: Following the Biden Administration’s disastrously mismanaged withdrawal from Afghanistan, I

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