COVID Treatment Suppression Is Killing Americans

Since its start, the Biden Administration has insisted the way to end the pandemic is vaccination alone, has censored communication about COVID treatments, and has used Biden’s bully pulpit and regulatory coercion to dissuade states, localities, physicians and pharmacists from making treatments available to those in need.  That is a state sponsored policy of medical neglect which predictably and invariably leads to avoidable death.  

State and local governments and physicians have received an unmistakable message from this Administration that they must encourage and administer COVID-19 vaccines and not dilute the vaccinate message with discussion of therapeutics.  The choice to propagandize science in this way by granting an official imprimatur in favor of vaccination only and employing censorship against treatment messaging is costing lives every hour of every day.  It is horrific maladministration, eerily similar to Ex-Governor Andrew Cuomo’s order to place infected patients back into nursing homes.  It cannot be justified scientifically or morally.   

Shortly after Biden took office in January of 2021, virologists and epidemiologists studying vaccine effectiveness began raising difficult questions: the vaccines might not provide lasting immunity; they might not be capable of preventing infection by variants; boosters might be required.  Did the Biden Administration

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