COVID, Terror, and Our Future

Since the outbreak of COVID, my youngest son has had a particularly hard time in school. He’s not unique. Millions of other children have had their education and socialization significantly interrupted. As parents, we have always attempted to do our best to help him navigate through the past two years’ challenges, admittedly for which nobody could have prepared. However, as quickly as the pandemic fell upon us closing down so much of our lives, conversely, its lingering consequences (like the cough I still can’t shake weeks after my own recovery) remain and continue to impact us adversely.  

Like many schools and many teachers, despite the best intentions, there have been a multitude of failures, and many things slipping through the cracks. This week, my wife and I participated in a Zoom meeting with many other parents in his 11th grade class, concerned that the school has not done its job sufficiently.  As bad as it is for any children to have lost so much academically, for my son and his classmates, this year is a particularly critical year not just for their academics, but regarding their military service as Israelis which is a cornerstone of their future.  The

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