COVID and Biden's test kit challenge – it's not too late to learn from Operation Warp Speed

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When in the context of the COVID test kit challenge President Biden uttered the phrase last week, “There is no federal solution. This gets solved at the state level,” he did so as an admission of failure. If the Operation Warp Speed team had uttered the same phrase in the summer of 2020, it would have done so as a precondition for success.  

The ideological differences between the Trump and Biden administrations stand in stark contrast, which is why we distributed millions of safe and effective vaccines flawlessly to tens of thousands of locations 24 hours after their authorization by the FDA in December 2020, and why the current administration has not even signed a contract for the at-home testing kits yet, close to two weeks after it announced the program. 


We signed contracts on July 22, 2020, (Pfizer) and Aug. 11, 2020, (Moderna and J&J) many months before their clinical trials had been completed. We did this because we knew the most challenging aspect of getting vaccines to the American people as quickly as possible would be manufacturing them at scale. This is precisely the

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