COVID-19 numbers rising in Lewis and Clark County, masks recommended

Lewis and Clark County has seen a spike in positive COVID-19 cases from 34 on May 13 to 164 on June 3.

“At the moment it’s almost doubling,” said Laurel Riek, the county’s communicable disease administrator of COVID-19 numbers in Lewis and Clark County. “That’s just showing it’s increasing at a fast clip and we don’t want people sick.”

This chart shows the percentage of COVID-19 tests that are positive in Lewis and Clark County from the week of Jan. 4-10 to the week of May 18-24. 

Lewis and Clark County COVID-19 Hub

According to the county’s website as of June 9, the transmission level of COVID-19 in Lewis and Clark County is high. The rate of positive tests in the county is near Omicron levels, with about 40% of COVID-19 tests administered by the county coming back with a positive result. Those who test positive with an at-home COVID-19 test are asked to self-report to the county.

As of May 31, the age group with the most new cases was 40-49, with 14 new cases reported in that age group on

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