COVID 19 Incident Commander on how it Differs from the Flu

There are many questions that people have about why the entire world has come to a halt over the COVID 19 virus, including the comparison of coronavirus to the season flu.

COVID 19 Incident Commander with the Missoula City County Health Department, Cindy Farr tackled that question in her daily You Tube/Facebook video.

“COVID 19 is a completely new virus,” said Farr. “What that means is that our population is what is considered to be ‘naïve’, and that means as a population we don’t have an immunity to this virus and that means anyone can get it, and since we don’t have people who are immune in our community then the usual roadblocks to stop the spread of the disease aren’t there which is what makes it easier to spread.”

Farr then made another serious comparison between the two viruses.

“Here’s the biggest and most concerning difference between COVID 19 and the flu,” she said. “While 80 percent of COVID illnesses are relatively mild, 15 percent are considered severe and five percent are considered critical. The rate of severe and critical illness from COVID 19 to date that we know of based on the date that we have so far

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