County health rankings reveal healthiest and least healthy counties in Montana

Most people from Montana could probably guess which county is the healthiest and which is the least healthy. New data unsurprisingly reveals Gallatin County as the healthiest community in the state and Roosevelt County, home to the Fort Peck Reservation, as the least healthy community.

The data comes from County Health Rankings and Roadmaps (CHR&R), an annually developed data set that digs into a range of factors that impact how well and how long people live. The organization, aided in funding by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, is unique in that it provides data for nearly every county in the United States every year. The idea is to provide local public health entities with specific information about their county that can turn into actionable solutions.

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But the publication released last week showed that little has changed since CHR&R released its first Montana data set in 2010. Roosevelt County has consistently been in the running for least healthy county in the state, neck-in-neck with Big Horn, Glacier, Blaine, Rosebud and Lake counties, each home to Indian Country.

On the other hand, the data may not reflect incremental improvements that communities

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