Couldn’t the Military Industrial Complex Make Its Money in Mexico?

It’s often hard to keep our Mexican atrocities straight, but would you happen to remember the 43 Mexican students in Iguala who disappeared off a bus in September 2014? At the time, there were claims that local police had abducted and killed them at the behest of a drug cartel — hard as it might be to believe that drug lords could be so callous. But there were no arrests, and the remains of only two students were ever found.

Last weekend, The New York Times reported that they were, in fact, killed on the orders of a drug cartel — working hand in hand with what Mexico insists on calling the “military” and “police.” The cartel believed the hapless students were a rival drug cartel and demanded their liquidation.

Mexican police: Sure! Can I have 50 bucks?

As we also know, Mexico’s drug cartels have killed more Americans than have died in all foreign wars combined. They’ve killed more Americans than every terrorist group in history. Year after year, they kill more Americans than died in the entire course of the Vietnam War.

And now it’s beyond dispute that vast swaths of the Mexican government are helping. What’s the name for that

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