Corporate diversity policies sacrifice loyal employees on 'equity' altar

Former American Express employee Nick Williams wants to end “woke” ideology infiltrating corporations. (Fox News Digital)

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My multiple awards and sales put me in the top 1% of all American Express employees for eight consistent years. I loved the company and “bled the AmEx blue.” I even considered getting a tattoo of the famous AmEx Centurion. Until the company turned on me for not putting the company’s DEI policies above American Express’s credit-worthy standards.  

My journey into purgatory began with a request by a potential client for a large credit line. I responded to this inquiry by applying all the company’s standard credit checks. The client refused to comply, and in the process very rudely harassed me and my Black male colleague whom I assigned to directly service her. Still, I did not decline her request. Rather I sent it up the chain for further review. 

Fatefully for me, the potential client was a Black woman who viewed my actions as emblematic of a narrative of racism against her. Thus, she complained to corporate that American Express might be exhibiting “systematic racism.”

The woman contacted American Express’s president and other officials through

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