Constitutional Scholar Rob Natelson on Monday’s Talk Back

Rob Natelson, the Constitutional Fellow at the Independence Institute in Denver appeared on the KGVO Talk Back program to answer questions from listeners, as he does every month.

One caller asked about why the Supreme Court refused to hear the lawsuit out of Texas that Montana had joined over the November 2020 election. Natelson said the main issue in that case was bad timing by the state of Texas.

“Texas brought its case too late,” said Natelson. “It’s a good example of how those people who were concerned about election integrity kind of botched the whole judicial strategy, that is the Trump team botched the whole judicial strategy. I think that’s it. I think that’s a shame, because I think there were really serious irregularities on the 2020 election, however much the media and others don’t want us to talk about them.”

Another listener asked Natelson about how cities and businesses can keep the mask mandate even though Governor Gianforte ended the statewide mandate some time ago.

“Let me just say regarding the masked mandate, it’s not a matter of federal or Constitutional law so long as it’s being imposed at the state or local level,” he said. “So I’m not going to address

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