Conservative school official doubled down on her cries of racism. It's a display of arrogance and prejudice

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Coronado, a sleepy seaside town in San Diego Bay, became home to a heated race-based controversy after the community’s high school basketball team beat Orange Glen High School in a championship game. Immediately after the tight game ended, coaches from both teams got into a heated scuffle in front of the Coronado bench. Two excited JV Coronado players threw tortillas high up into the air and some landed near the members from the majority-Latino Orange Glen team.

The incident started a cascade of events, creating the so-called “tortilla-gate” and dividing the small town. 

Critics immediately called the incident racist, and the Coronado Unified School District Board quickly put out an apology. However, further investigation cast doubt on any racial motivations  and the board subsequently retracted the racial component of its apology. Yet a conservative board member continues to argue that the incident was racist.

In a column reiterating her belief the tortilla-throwing was racial in nature, Coronado Unified School District Board Trustee Esther Valdes Clayton suggested that all California Latinos were in agreement about the incident: “Latinos will not support conservatives as long as we fight about whether Latinos deserve respect or an apology for

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