Conservation couple: Thomases focus on outdoors at critical time

Brett French

LEWISTOWN – From atop a hill overlooking this Central Montana town, with the Judith Mountains dark in the distance, Don and Lori Thomas have prescribed a much-needed dose of common sense, beauty and adventure for the outdoor community.

Their home, just past Pheasant Tales Bed & Bistro and down the lane from the yellow “Labrador Xing” sign, is filled with photos and exotic wildlife mounts they have collected in their 27-year partnership.

“They could turn his house into a natural-history museum; about the only thing they’d have to do is empty out the fridge,” said friend and associate Mike England, editor and publisher of “Outside Bozeman” magazine, in an email.

Behind each photo of big halibut caught, or the life-sized cougar mount, are tales that have enriched the couple’s bond. They connect them to the pursuit of outdoor adventures unlike anything most of us will ever experience. Yet for 27 years, the Thomases have taken readers along with lyrical prose and stunning images, introducing us to the exotic – and more ordinary – with keen insight and a fresh perspective.

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