Connecticut High School Basketball Coach Gets Suspended After 92-4 Win

A girl’s high school basketball coach in Connecticut has been suspended after overseeing an unreal blowout win.

According to, Sacred Heart head coach Jason Kirck was suspended after beating Lyman Hall 92-4 this past Monday night. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Yes, you read that correctly. His team won by a margin of 88, and he’s now suspended!

Sacred Heart Academy apologizes, suspends coach after 92-4 girls basketball score against Lyman Hall

— CTInsider (@insider_ct) January 4, 2022

Sacred Heart Academy President Sr. Sheila O’Neill said in part, “Sacred Heart Academy values the lessons taught and cultivated through athletic participation including ethical and responsible behavior, leadership and strength of character and respect for one’s opponents. Last night’s Girls’ Basketball game vs Lyman Hall High School does not align with our values or philosophies.”

Seriously, how weak is our society getting that coaches get suspended for blowing teams out? This is just sad. As Americans, we’re in a bad place if you can’t even win big without getting in trouble.

Did we win WWII by not running up the score? No, we ran it up as much as we could

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