Congress, stop Putin and boost Ukraine. Put your money where your mouth is and step up

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Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s weak leadership, the G-20 just refused to condemn Russia for its barbaric invasion of Ukraine, as it did last year. I assured European allies on a recent bipartisan delegation that although global resolve might be softening, America’s is not. Now Congress, in its upcoming debate over further Ukraine aid, must put our money where our mouth is. 

Many members are reading downbeat reports from the frontlines of the conflict. All members hear the isolationist rhetoric from the GOP’s presidential frontrunners, most notably Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, who channels former President Donald Trump in arguing that America should not want Vladimir Putin to lose.

In response, Republicans and Democrats should double down on Congress’s support for Ukraine. A bipartisan economic and military lifeline will bring peace closer to hand and strengthen the United States. In Ukraine, it will sustain the counter-offensive, the success of which is necessary leverage for potential negotiations. To Russia, it will reset Putin’s calculation that the Kremlin can outlast Washington’s willpower. And for America, it will demonstrate the example of our power, and the power of our example, to Russia’s “no-limits” ally, the Chinese Communist Party

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