Concerned Parents: Ask Your Children if They've Encountered a Drag Queen at School


Posted: Jun 16, 2022 12:01 AM

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The world continues to change, and as a result, so do our social standards and norms. This change has been a part of the human experience and development since the dawn of creation. However, there are certain standards that have remained untouched, such as the protection of our children and the things they should and should not have access to. Among developed societies, it has been universally acknowledged that the development of children is so valuable that we should shelter them from some difficult parts of life, such as sex, violence and drugs, to mention a few. This value is so widely accepted that, for instance, we prohibit the sale of goods manufactured with child labor, we find the thought of child pornography revolting and the age of consent is very high.

When I say shield, I do not mean to pretend that these things do not exist. Rather, I mean that we have been very sensitive any time any of the

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