Coming soon? Butte could follow Whitehall in getting ‘car wash for dogs’


Two area men who opened a dog wash in Whitehall want to do the same in Butte — and they’d love to have it near the only dog park in town at Skyline Park.

“We’re bringing these to Montana,” Shawn Hoagland told the Butte-Silver Bow Parks and Recreation Board on Monday. “The prototype is in Whitehall, and we’ve been open since January just trying to get a feel for how the market would work. It’s been great.

“Think of it as a car wash for dogs,” he said. “It accepts bills or you put your card in there. Its 15 bucks for 15 minutes, 10 bucks for 10 minutes, whatever, but it is fully self-serve.”

The machine features a tub with doors about 2 feet off the ground with water and air hoses and, just like a car wash, a control panel with options. In this case the choices include shampoo, flea-and-tick shampoo, rinse, conditioner and low and high blow for drying. There is also a disinfectant people can spray in the tub to help keep it safe for the next dog.

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