Column Hailed by Journalists Shows the Issues with Contemporary Journalism

Carl Bernstein is an icon in the firmament of the news media. As part of the “Woodstein” duo at the Washington Post who broke open the Watergate scandal in the 1970s he is firmly placed in the Hall Of Fame of journalism, along with partner Bob Woodward, and rightly so. However what many in the press these days fail at is objectivity — regarding both news items they report on as well as those who do the reporting.

Bernstein has a new column out about President Trump featured at CNN, and it has many in the media circles praising the work he has done. At first blush it looks like a piece with all the gravitas needed to earn praise. Carl calls out Donald Trump, laying into our president for behavior unbecoming while communicating with other foreign leaders. He gives us deep intel, backed by impressive sources in order to deliver a scathing rebuke to our leader who threatens significant damage on the nation.

But if one steps back, away from the nimbus of journalistic glory and looks over the piece objectively, we are left with a rather daft column bereft of true import and tainted with unsound journalism. Put another

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